List of publishers who translate(d) classical Islamic texts to English

Posted on Sun 15 October 2023 in Language • Tagged with Islam, books, kitabs, Arabic, English, translation

A list of publishing companies who have translated classical Islamic (Arabic) texts into English.

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Common Language Theory

Posted on Wed 20 September 2023 in Language • Tagged with english, arabic, russian, persian, framework

Developing a theory to enable learning of multiple languages.

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Where does get its English Hadith sources?

Posted on Thu 06 May 2021 in Islam • Tagged with hadith, isnad, sunnahcom, english

Tracking down where sources its English translations of Hadiths/Ahadith.

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The problem with anglicisation of scholar names

Posted on Sat 06 March 2021 in Language • Tagged with scholars, names, arabic, english

Discussing the drawbacks of anglicisation and why a standard would be good

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