Why do people give up on exercise?

Posted on Tue 23 January 2024 in Other • Tagged with exercise, sport, fitness, january

Explaining my theory on why people give up on exercise and keeping fit.

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Apply for a UK visa from South Africa

Posted on Fri 20 October 2023 in Other • Tagged with UK, SA, visa

A quick summary to apply for a UK visa for South Africans.

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Filtering Hacker News jobs (HN Who is Hiring?) to get fully remote positions

Posted on Wed 06 September 2023 in Other • Tagged with HN, jobs, remote, hiring

A list of keywords to quickly filter out all partially remote jobs using hnhiring.me.

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An (almost) free guide for printable keyboard stickers

Posted on Sun 04 December 2022 in Other • Tagged with keyboard, stickers, dvorak, qwerty

A cheap and easy way to create your own custom stickers for your keyboard.

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Assembling a 1 Layer Raspberry Pi 4/3/2 Model B Acrylic Case with cooling fan

Posted on Fri 19 August 2022 in Other • Tagged with raspberry-pi, assembly, hardware

A tutorial with pictures to assemble a 1 Layer Raspberry Pi 4/3/2 Model B Acrylic Case with cooling fan.

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Blog Updates: Dragomen, writing style & other ongoing projects

Posted on Sun 17 July 2022 in Other • Tagged with blog, dragomen, prose, projects

Updates regarding Dragomen, adjusting to a new writing style, migrating from GitHub and other ongoing projects.

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Hugo: Fix git bug when installing a repo with a theme

Posted on Sat 28 May 2022 in Other • Tagged with hugo, go-lang, git, github

Fixing the Hugo theme submodule issue when installing a repo via git clone.

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Poem: Thieves of time

Posted on Thu 31 March 2022 in Other • Tagged with poetry, privacy, surveillance

A poem on the thieves of time (surveillance capitalists) who require our attention to make money.

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Blog Updates: Newsletter and backups

Posted on Fri 22 October 2021 in Other • Tagged with blog, email, newsletter, backup

Adding a newsletter to the blog and creating backups of this website for content preservation

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Expanding Blog Scope

Posted on Sat 10 October 2020 in Other • Tagged with culture, languages, blog, ideas, thoughts

Blogging about other topics of interest outside the technology scope

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