Blog Updates: Dragomen, writing style & other ongoing projects

Posted on Sun 17 July 2022 in Other • Tagged with blog, dragomen, prose, projects

Updates regarding Dragomen, adjusting to a new writing style, migrating from GitHub and other ongoing projects.

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SSH config file: Use correct IdentityFile

Posted on Sun 03 July 2022 in Linux • Tagged with SSH, git

How to make the ~/.ssh/config file use the correct SSH key in IdentityFile.

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Islam over custom: Taraweeh

Posted on Mon 30 May 2022 in Islam • Tagged with custom, innovation, taraweeh

Discussing how Taraweeh has evolved in the minds of people with an elevated status.

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Hugo: Fix git bug when installing a repo with a theme

Posted on Sat 28 May 2022 in Other • Tagged with hugo, go-lang, git, github

Fixing the Hugo theme submodule issue when installing a repo via git clone.

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Python Pelican: How to view draft content on a website

Posted on Sun 17 April 2022 in Python • Tagged with pelican, blog

Finding draft content on Pelican, a static site generator written in the Python programming language.

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Linux: How to view bit-rate and compress MP3 files

Posted on Fri 08 April 2022 in Linux • Tagged with mp3, compress, bit-rate, lame

A short how-to on viewing the bit-rate of an MP3 file and compressing the MP3 via the command-line.

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Poem: Thieves of time

Posted on Thu 31 March 2022 in Other • Tagged with poetry, privacy, surveillance

A poem on the thieves of time (surveillance capitalists) who require our attention to make money.

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Functional Arabic: Phrases for comparison like "more/less than"

Posted on Sun 27 March 2022 in Language • Tagged with arabic, MSA, fus7a, comparisons

Explaining how to make comparisons in Arabic, using the superlative and comparative.

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How to breathe for over-thinkers - the 4-11 technique

Posted on Fri 25 February 2022 in Mental Health • Tagged with guide, breathing, meditation, depression, anxiety

A guide providing a breathing technique for people who over-think and/or dealing with mental health issues like anxiety/worry or panic attacks.

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Poem: The strands of love

Posted on Mon 24 January 2022 in Islam • Tagged with poetry, beard, tasawuf, Allah, Muhammad

A poem symbolizing the love for the Sunnah through the beard.

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